About the artist

Cristina Del Hoyo is a Denver based artist who is originally from Spain. Cristina was born in Malaga, Spain in 1986. Her love for art and color started at an early age when she started drawing fashion models. As a teenager, she began exploring different artistic disciplines such as painting, photography and sculpture. When Cristina was 17, she moved to Granada, Spain to study fine arts. The artist received her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Granada, Spain, in 2009.  After she graduated, she moved to Denver, CO and has been living there since then. Her art has been featured in exhibits in Granada (Spain), Denver, CO (US), Paris (France) and Milan (Italy). 


Cristina’s artwork is inspired by her personal experiences and is intended to be a bridge between the inside and outside worlds. In her early works, she explored the idea of conflict between nature and civilization. Now, she is interested in abstract shapes, geometry, minimalism and the intensity and power of color. Her works reflect the ideas of search, meaning, belonging, creation of identity and the construction and de-construction of limits. 

During her time in Colorado, she has accomplished various artistic projects such as staging private houses and business, commissioning art pieces to private clients, art consultation, and coordination of two murals at Avanti f&b in Denver.

Cristina is currently represented by the following international art galleries:


Exciting new art collaboration with Paris based company, LA TOUCHE ORIGINALE

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